Prospects of the Derden Oil and Gas lease, Navarro County, 2 "

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Shallow Oil Prospect

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Oil Wells drilled and produced by Magnolia Petrolum in 1913-17 are where the lake is now

The oil field does not stop at the waters edge.
Oil wells near the water's edge are the plugged wells on the Derden Lease-The oil field does not stop at the waters edge

Oil wells that appear as 80650, 80651, 80653, 80655 are part of a drilling program  by Southwestern Hydrocarbons in 1962.
The last Operator, J.N. Shelton Drilling drilled 2 wells in 1985. 2 completed as producing wells on the
Derden Lease #02731. Oil production was from the Nacatoch Sand, at 800 ft depth more or less.
Potential was 5.37 and 2.5 barrels respectively. The lease was abandoned 1986 when oil dropped to $9.00 .

In 1917, at least 21 producing oil wells were located where the lake is now

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This photo was taken in December 1985. It depicts the Derden #4 ,API 349-33998 pumping 2 1/2 barrels a day at 800 foot depth.

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This lease contains eleven plugged oil wells.The available completion reports of API 349-80650 and API 349-33812 idicate 6 and 5.38 BODP initial production.
Drilling new Nactoch shallow wells near the north portion (near the dam) of the lease could provide a good return for the effort.