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The East Texas Drilling Report is published

each Sunday in the

Tyler Morning Telegraph Newspaper.

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The Greatest Oil Field in the US at that time -Powell Field
Corsicana Oil Field
A Gusher, Powell Field, Corsicana

The photographs are

picture post cards that date to around 1920.

The Powell Field shallow was combined with the Corsicana Field in 1919 for ID purposes.

As soon as other more

prolific fields came in the oil man moved on. He left a lot of oil behind.

Matter of fact:

Here is an example.

Here is the information

on the history of the

Corsicana-Powell Field.

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From the drilling report posted on

Sunday, February 28, 2010.

"Corsicana Oil and Gas completed the Eugenia Cerf Well No.1-G in the Corsicana Shallow Field to a depth of 2,090-feet six miles southeast from Corsicana. This well flowed with five barrels of crude, no choke size was recorded."



"You don't know if you have oil

till you dig a hole."

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