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This web site  concerns shallow oil production.
We address an opportunity that
we believe exists today.
Our opinions are based on our
experience in shallow well
oil production and  related
equipment manufacturing.

  Oil is shaping world events
  more today than ever before!
The end of cheap oil:Reference to June 2004 issue, National Geographic


A glance into the past and a look at the future

Table of Contents

Page 1.   What is an Orphan Well?
Page 2.   
Why do they exist?
Page 3.   
What new factors determine
               the price of oil.?

Page 4 Can we help you make money?
Page 5.   
Texas RRC list of Orphan Wells-
Oil wells- It's an Orphan Lease.
Page 6.   
Stripper wells: IRS definition.
Inactive Exemption.
Page 7
.   Pumping Units, Good design. 
Page 8.   
OSHA- Might not approve.
Page 9.   The Big Wheel and whatever.
Page 10.
Work Over Rigs, draw works etc.
Page 11. Striking Black Gold: Abilene Paper
Page 12.
$1.3 million to 12,000 ft: Tyler Paper.
Page 13.
Old Oil Field, NEW OIL WELLS
Page 14. Dept of Energy: Oil Left Behind.
Page 15.
The oil business is "chicken and feathers." 
Page 16.
Ever seen a rig like this? (Polaroid picture) 
Page 17.
Nostalgic Picture Offer-1923 era oil rig.
Page 18.
Hawkins Field-A new life!
Page 19.
Tax Advantages of Oil & Gas Drilling.
Page 20
. Oil and Gas  Legal Forms-Texas
Page 21.
Texas Oil And Gas Directory
Page 22.
Texas Oil/Gas Drilling Completions-a hyperlink.
Page 23.
Spindletop- Should be required reading.
Page 24.
A Powerfull Tool- Knowledge is Power
Page 25.
Oil and Gas Basic Lease Information.
Page 26.
Giant Texas Problem.-- GIANT SALVINIA!

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Cyclone beam balanced pumping units


Crude prices went from $35 per barrel in 1980 to a low of less than $10 per barrel in 1986.

Ajusted for inflation that means:
In today's money.

The price of oil essentially dropping from $78 to $26 per barrel.

We have seen this and have been here before. 

The price will recoup-- it always has!


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