OSHA may disapprove of these pumpingunits

Where there is a will, there is a way!
Independent oil operators have always been resourceful.
   No matter if they have a million dollars or a thousand dollars.
Here is an example of one resourceful operator.
He built his own oilwell pumping unit.
Just shows that if your short on money and you need get the oil out of the ground, you sure can do it!
Two biggest problems that I saw were:
You don't want to get your hand near that bull wheel and you do need to stop by quite often with a bucket of axle grease.
Outside of that -- it's the same principle as any.
This pumping unit is pumping at about 1,000 feet

Change the number of bricks in the basket and you change the balance
of this beam balanced oilwell pumping unit.
A pumping unit built from drill pipe
This pumping unit has a home made gearbox.

Triple reduction, open air, power transfer design.

I took these photos in the mid 1960's just north of Olney, Young County, Texas.
These are antique shallow oilwell pumping units.

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