1923 era oil well picture offer

Picture Offer
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A reproduction of the oil painting MONEY IN OIL

Though the boom days are past, Breckenridge fields still contain many small producers.

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I'm not in the picture selling business  but--
Last year I had a number of copies of this oil painting reproduced digitally and framed
to be a gift to some oil friends and associates.
It was suggested that it was of such nostalgic value that I should offer it to others.
The result is that I have a some very desirable framed pictures on hand.

What is FREE is the postage and insurance!
Here is the offer: 

This is a reproduction of the same painting  by  M. Norwood in  1967 .
That painting was copied from the B/W photo that I took in 1963, SW of Breckenridge, Texas
The size is a large 16 by 20 inches. It is digitally reproduced on artist canvas.The wood frame is of an oak finish,
$150.00 is an excellent deal for you and a fair  to me.
  I'll pay the postage and insurance in the USA and Canada. 

Send us a check for $150.00 USD or use the secured payment system.
We will mail you one picture that you be proud to hang it on your office wall.
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Here is the refund policy: If your not happy then we are not happy.
Upon receipt, for any reason send it back for a full refund!

There are very few folks that are alive today that have ever seen a rig like this.
This is a 1923 era rig. That is a Dog House, Trouble Post, Walking Beam, Bull Wheel.
The derrick is angle iron. .Steel  derricks came in around 1921 replacing  the wooden derricks.

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A little history:
Wildcatters first drilled for oil in Stephens County land in 1911; a 2,400-foot well eight miles northwest of Breckenridge was abandoned in 1913. Oil was finally found in May 1916, at a depth of 2,470 feet, on the W. L. Carey farm near Caddo. Soon other producing wells were drilled, including Smith No. 1 near Parks, which was the first heavy gas well struck in the county and the one that started the local boom. A terrific boom centering around Breckinridge took off in 1921, when drillers brought in Stoker No. 1 just outside of town. Breckenridge became a forest of wooden derricks; over 200 wells were drilled within the city limits. On September 1, 1921, Keithly No. 1 blew in at 3,068 feet with a huge flow that drenched the countryside until it was harnessed by the Humble Oil Company (later Exxon Company, U.S.A.) after two weeks' work. The Breckenridge oilfield was prodigious. In one year it produced 15 percent of all the oil produced in the United States (more than the combined production of the states of Louisiana and Kansas that year),   

( A lot of oil is still there! Now you just have to squeeze it out.)
(At the price of oil today, it is sure worth squeezing!)
5,601,323 barrels were produced in Stephens County in 1990.