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Privacy FIRST

Privacy First, Yes First.  We respect the rights of our visitors -- your rights


Never Used Them, Never Will

Personal Information

eMail System -- There is NO CHANCE that your personal and private eMail address will be disclosed to any third party. Moreover, we feel quite strongly about the privacy of eMail addresses and NOTHING could induce us to divulge our customer's eMail address to any third party.

Some things are NOT for sale -- your trust in us is one of them

Web Bugs

Do you even need to ask? --  We don't do anything like that. We can't imagine that we would ever want to know anything about you that we didn't have the courage to ask. So there's NO SORT OF TRACKING OF ANY KIND ever happening on this site. Period

No Solicitations

Our only contact with you will be only at your request. --  There will not be "newsletters" or offers to you of any kind other than what you see on this web site.

Thank you for your visit.

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