Work Over rigs- Pulling units

We started in 1979 custom fabricating  replacement drum assemblies and complete WO rigs. Some of our drums were rolled steel plate then lathe turned  to close OD tolerances.  We continued to offer all steel in addition  to CAST DRUM assemblies.

The pride of quality workmanship in a single drum assembly or a complete draw works was evident in each unit.

The market for this part of our endeavor disappeared in 1987.
It disappeared just after several thousand Texas independent oil operators disappeared at $9.00 oil

All steel-lathe turned drums

All steel sand drum
Shallow pulling unit-rear view
Ready to go to work
Built from the ground up

Shallow Service Unit

This unit is one of the units we rebuilt

Truck mounted -  from the frame up.
Work in progress-rebuilding a Franks drawworks

This is one of the units that we rebuilt.
Small drawwork in progress

Rebuilding  a FRANKS draw works

These drum castings became worth just a little more than what they weighed in 1988

Working and Sand  Drums

A Texas worker custom building a pole mast
Three 18 inch sheeves

These drum casting  became worth just a little  more than what they weighed in 1988.

A Little Wichita workover rig

Three 18 inch sheaves

This was one of the  more FUN parts of the oil business   
We enjoyed providing  some of  tools  that made the oil 
operators job possible.

It is not my intention to be negative by relating the facts
and showing the photos on this page.

Hopefully, having a reminder of events past will help people understand and evaluate events in the oil business today.

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