Good design for oil well pumping units

Beam Balanced Oil Well Pumping Units
Born of necessity.
In 1979 new pumping units were almost
impossible to get.
We had wells to pump and no pumping units.
We got advice from men that had been
pumping wells for over 30 years.
      We built units as good as any for sale anywhere!
     Cyclone pumping units are still working today.

C.C. Cliff Martin, now deceased,
put his 33 years of oil patch
experience into all of our designs.

This is a Jensen unit

Top and Bottom Photos B-25 Pumping units

Top photo-Counter weights 
Bottom photos- Gear Box and horse heads

Top and Bottom Photos, B-16 Pumping units.

        API Published Selection Table
        For Oil Well Pumping Units

Model    API Polished Rod     API Polished Rod
Number  Stroke-inches            Load Capacity-lbs.
B-6 4        16-14                         3,200
B-10          20-16                        4,000
B-16          30-27                        5,300
B-25          36-30                        6,700
B-40          42-38                        7,600
B-57          48-40                      10,900
CB-80       54-45                      13,300
CB-114     54-45                      13,300

Calculate load by the weight of the sucker rod
plus one half weight of the fluid

Custom Manufactured for today's energy needs.
Standard  components of stock design
available worldwide.

Beam balanced means just that!
You can expect long service from these units if:
1. They are serviced regularly.
  (oil level and greased bearings)
2. Mounted on a level pad.
3. Proper balance is maintained.
No unit, ours or any other is not
any better than the service it gets!

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